Joe & Don's Styling Shop


Don (left) & Joe (right)

Don and Joe met while working together in the Shoppingtown Mall Barber Shop. In April of 1964, they opened their own 2 man barber shop, Styling Shop. It's hard to read the prices in this picture but Men's Haircuts were $1.50, Flat Tops were $1.75 and Children were $1. 


Years later, they were up to $8 a haircut and 4 Barbers. We still have the same phone number.


The building that Joe & Don's Styling Shop called home for 50 years, on Pickwick Road.


Joe (left) & Don (right)

 Don once joked that Joe "was the smarter of the two" of them. Joe retired at the age of 60, spending more and more time in Florida where he would cut hair once a week and play golf the rest of the week. Don continued running the business, with Bob becoming his partner, for another 15 years before he retired at the age of 75.


Bob the Barber

Early on, when wood paneling and "Bowl" cuts were in style.


Bob the Master Barber

Shortly after Joe retired, and Bob became partners with Don. 


Chapter 2: New Beginnings

March 2015 ~  We started renovations and officially reopened the shop 3/31/15.


2016 ~ Bob and Nicole ~ Co-Owners of DeWitt Styling Shop

2019 ~ Bob retires after 40 years of barbering, leaving the shop to Nicole